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Bohol Scuba Diving

Bohol Scuba Diving

Plan on Scuba Diving in Bohol Philippines?

Find information on Bohol Scuba Diving, PADI Dive Courses offered in Bohol.

We provide diving in Bohol, Panglao Island, Balicasag Island, Pamilacan Island, Cabilao Island and Apo Island.
We will provide you with the best experience with Scuba Diving in Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.

Bohol Scuba Diving

Come join Alona 42 Resort for the best Scuba Diving experience money can buy.

Bohol Philippines is famous for Scuba Diving, we can provide all the Scuba Diving information right here at Alona 42 Resort.

Scuba Diving at Alona Beach

At Alona Beach, there are approximately 15 dive schools. The offer and the prices for the individual dives and diving courses for all diving schools are virtually identical. If you want to have some options for diving, we would recommend the following two Dive Centers:

Both immersion schools are under German management and they operates are very long time at Alona Beach. The courses and the assistance will be held in German or English. The course are also available in Filipino, Japanese or Korean language. If you are interested in diving, we are happy you in contact with the appropriate Dive Centers.

Alona Beach Scuba Diving, PADI Dive Courses and Snorkeling packages that’s right for your budget at Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Philippines.


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